Happy New Year everyone! This blog is coming on its fifth anniversary this year. I can’t believe I’ve been writing articles here for five years. Goes to show how much I love talking about the entertainment industry. As usual I have plans to write about the history of film, television and interactive entertainment and the careers of the artists behind these creations this year and I hope you will learn something new after reading my articles.

It’s important to understand the entertainment of the past in order to understand the entertainment of the present. In that spirit, I have plans to write a lot more articles about Hollywood’s past this year than usual. For example, if you are a regular reader, you have seen my articles about the history of Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox. But this year I’m going to talk about Atari, the company responsible for Pong, the first arcade game to reach mainstream popularity. Not only that, but I will discuss older games of the 8-bit era and consoles from the eighties like Commodore 64. It’s sure to be a fun trip down memory lane for people who grew up in the seventies and eighties and an interesting lesson for everyone else.