The interactive masterpiece Final Fantasy VII was just recently released on the Nintendo Switch, bringing a classic PlayStation game from 1997 to Nintendo players for the first time and giving modern gamers a chance to play a game they may have missed out on, and if any franchise deserves to be revisited it’s this one from Square Enix that has been going strong since the eighties!

I’ve noticed that a lot of remakes of Final Fantasy games are coming out this year and I decided to celebrate the occasion by doing something I’ve never done on this blog, and that’s dedicate an entire month to one subject! Throughout all of April I will be talking about this series. Discussing its history, diving into all 15 games in the main series and hopefully giving you an idea of why I love it so much.

This is an ambitious idea but one blog was simply not enough for me to express the love I have for these games. So hop on your chocobo and come with me to the world of Final Fantasy!