Finally! I’ve been wanting my own blog for a long time!

Hello, internet! My name is Eli Sanza and I am an entertainment critic and historian. My primary form of communication has been Twitter for 3 years. Over that period I have gained thousands of followers, made friends around the world, and have posted a million different opinions about film, television, animation and pop culture.

Via these connections with new people I have gained courage venturing outside Twitter and I am now active on all kinds of social media platforms such as Instagram, Tumblr and Podbean where I just started my new podcast this year!

In addition, I have been invited by the website Vocal to contribute my writing to their resident nerd division so that even more people may see my stuff!

However, this new blog Entertainment Junkie has been my brain child from the beginning. I joined Twitter first because I didn’t have the ability/confidence to create my own website. But now I do, and I have all of you to thank!

Enjoy, fellow junkies!